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Why choose CryptoLoot? CryptoLoot charges a 12% fee compared to CoinHive's 30% fee, and also offers additional features such as CNAME Proxies, daily re-encryption, and others. CryptoLoot's main priority is to provide the most profitable mining experience to webmasters and developers, and is doing so by being the lead coinhive alternative.

Our fee structure has remained realistic. 12% is fair for how many servers we run, frequent code improvements/addons by our team, and for referrals & bounties. Any other coinhive alternative service running less than a 10-12% fee is likely shaving your earnings, so be sure to split test any other coinhive alternatives you find, including us!

CryptoLoot provides a safe, stealth, and smart web mining experience unlike no other. Click here to get started!

With our services, you will monetize your users CPU by having them automatically mine Monero with their computers resources. You may also be creative, and use our shortlinking service, Captcha Service, or even track individual users to provide in-game currencies or credits.

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So, give the best coinhive alternative a shot!
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Coinhive Alternative