Update: uPlexa Re-Added, Monero to be Delisted

by CryptoLoot

Posted on September 16th, 2019 at 7:22 AM EST

Tags: Updates monero uplexa upx web mining

The UPXTWO algorithm has been reimplemented to CryptoLoot (for the uPlexa project). At this time, we expect uPlexa (UPX) to continue to be more profitable than Monero (XMR). The latest hardfork scheduled in October for Monero (RandomX) uses some floating point operations that can not be used within web assembly. In basic terms: Monero will not be web-minable after the RandomX algorithm update in October. Currently, the most profitable coin within this niche is "uPlexa", whom we are proud to be partners with to continue to provide statistical information and work together in creating industry-changing technology.

If RandomX is included in the October hardfork for Monero, we will be delisting Monero from the CryptoLoot platform, and shifting to uPlexa as CryptoLoot's primary web minable coin. Afterwhich, all Monero balances will be fully paid out regardless of the minimum payout threshold.

We have also tried a few other projects who boast web mining algorithms, but at this time none of which seem to offer an algorithm that is more profitable for this niche than uPlexa currently is.

Going forward, CryptoLoot is also working on a rebrand and continued efforts are going into creating security within the web mining industry to ensure web mining is not being used for malicious benefits. We are taking action to ensure webmasters using the scripts have authorization to implement the code within their website(s) or application(s). Other than our report abuse system, we will also be implementing DNS verification at a later time to help achieve this goal.

We thank you for your continued support.
The Crypto-Loot Family

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CryptoLoot Becomes #1 Web Miner, uPlexa Becomes Favorable Web-Mineable Cryptocurrency

by CryptoLoot

Posted on February 28th, 2019 at 8:07 PM EST

Tags: Updates conhive uplexa upx number one

As Monero continues to disevolve from its course of being anti-ASIC and CPU-Friendly, our users have been switching to mine uPlexa for several months now, since adding the new coin to CryptoLoot. Today marks the day that our uPlexa hashrate has now surpassed our Monero hashrate, with a total of 52% of our entire hashrate mining uPlexa.

Why? We love Monero!
uPlexa has been able to solve the gap between lower-end devices and higher-end devices (such as CPU vs GPU, or phones vs GPU farms), allowing for a profitable opportunity for our users. We have found uPlexa to be more profitable than Monero, as nearly 60% of all of our mining traffic is from mobile visitors. uPlexa mines an average of 4.5x more efficiently than Monero's current algorithm, or 9.5x+ more efficiently than the upcoming CryptoNightR (Cryptonightv4). Monero mining has become unprofitable for most miners due to the number of ASICs on the Monero network, and the massive decrease in the price (nearly -85% from ATH). All miners, from mobile miners, to web miners and all the way up to GPU farms are netting nearly 2.5-3x the amount of money mining UPX. Thus, we encourage our users to try mining uPlexa with CryptoLoot for the time being. However, the choice (as always) - is ultimately yours.

On February 26th, our top-most competitor (CoinHive) has announced that they will be closing, due to Moneros continued efforts to destroy ASIC mining, whilst simultaneously killing CPU mining. Technically, this brings CryptoLoot to the first place for web mining services. We will continue to provide our services with full steam ahead. A script update will be announced within the next few days which will be necessary to update to IF you are mining Monero.

We thank you for your continued support.
The Crypto-Loot Family

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[UPX] New Coin - Exclusive PreMine for the top 50 uPlexa Users

by CryptoLoot

Posted on October 13th, 2018 at 1:57 PM EST

Tags: Updates New coin uplexa upx exclusive

We will be adding new Coin through our Partner, uPlexa

Dear Crypto-Loot Family,

We are excited to announce a very beneficial partnership aiming towards higher profitability for CPU mining, browser mining, and general IOT mining. We have partnered with a new, upcoming coin known as "uPlexa" to help bring more profits to Crypto-Loot users. We are being given an exclusive opportunity to allow 50 of our miners to participate in the uPlexa premine event from Oct24th-Nov24th, 2019. We will allow the top 50 miners with the highest hashrates from the period of October 16th-23rd to participate in the event. If you have been pre-qualified, you will be able to choose "UPX" (uPlexa) from the Code Generator page, as-well as being able to add your UPX wallet to your User Settings page, and being able to view your stats for UPX mining. You will be able to switch from Monero to uPlexa, or do a split 50/50 of both coins with your script.

With the upcoming Monero hardfork (October 18th), we believe finding alternative coins to mine has the potential to reap larger profits. As much as we love and appreciate Monero, Monero's latest hardfork will reduce hashrates for lower-end devices by up to 15%. Although, it may also rid of any ASICs and decrease the efficiency of FPGAs. Also, if you have not updated your script in a while, please DO SO NOW! Scripts older than October 9th will no longer work with the upcoming Monero hardfork.

"uPlexa is utilizing a CryptoNight Lite variant, modified to decrease FPGA efficiency and prevent ASICs from mining on our network. uPlexas CPU mining hashrate is nearly 2.5x the speed of Monero v7 (Cryptonight v1) for IOT devices with lower-end CPU. The gap between CPU & GPU hashrates is much less than Monero, attracting more CPU miners and less GPU farms. This ensures that IOT based CPU mining will provide a useful, beneficial more decentralized network":

Our tests with CryptoNight v2 (Monero v8/v9) for this upcoming Monero fork has shown a 15% overall decrease in hashratre. Thus, we expect uPlexa to hash at a rate of approximately 3x faster than Monero v8/v9. To participate in the pre-qualification period for the uPlexa pre-mine, all you need to do is ensure you're mining with us between October 16th-23rd. The top 50 users will be given the chance to mine UPX, which will be available for selection on November 24th. The only ones mining on the uPlexa network for the first month will be Crypto-Loot users, and individual IoT miners that would like to mine on their IoT devices.

As always,
Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
The Crypto-Loot Family

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v2.2: Proxies, Shortlinks, and Captchas

by CryptoLoot

Posted on September 11th, 2018 at 5:29 PM EST

Tags: Updates Antivirus Proxies Shortlinks POW Captcha

CryptoLoot v2.2 Update:
In the fight against AdBlockers and Clickbait-driven netsec blogs, we're proud to launch a new update to help our users leap to the future with the number one web mining platform.

Update Log:
-CNAME Proxies
-Shortlinks Manually generated, or API generated
-CRLT.User function Updates and Bug fix resulting in more accurate dashboard reporting
-CRLT.Token API Verification
-MinerUI Bug Patch
-Proof-of-Work Captcha's

Our most important update in v2.2, is our CNAME Proxies. With our CNAME Proxies, you'll be able to add your own [sub]domain(s) to our platform. Allowing for your users to connect directly to your domains when sending/receiving hashing information from our servers. Our revised self-hosted version launched in the v2.0 update helped decrease detection... However, there was a problem. The link to the URL where the script is located, is not the main culprit. The servers that the users browser connects to (defined within the script), are the culprits.

The CNAME Proxy system allows you to use 5 of your own domains (or subdomains). The system will then generate SSL certificates for all 5 domains, and add those domains to your custom generated script (which is encrypted once per day). Your script file will also be located on your first domain (1/5), allowing for easy access to script updates - without the need to download the file. (However, using this in conjunction with the self-hosted solution is certainly recommended if you're on a CDN)

We've been using daily script re-encryption for a while, which caused anti-virus companies to get lazy. Instead of looking for new code signatures, they simply block our websocket connections. Those websocket connections were shared amongst tens of thousands of CryptoLoot users. Now? Now tens of thousands of CryptoLoot users have the option to run the script off their own domains/subdomains. This reduces the single point of failure, and makes blocking our script really hard. After all, we shouldn't even be blocked in the first place.

We've also had a number of users request a shortlinking service, as-well as a Proof-of-Work captcha service. Thus, we've listened to your requests, and have included them in this update.

We're not that scary little monster in the corner anymore, Much of the internet understands and has started to accept this new form of monetization for developers, web masters, and content creators. It's time the NetSec industry hops aboard, too.

The CryptoLoot Family

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The Ongoing Fight Against Antivirus and Adblockers

by CryptoLoot

Posted on May 26th, 2018 at 4:15 AM EST

Tags: Updates Antivirus Faster Hashrates Referral Program

Wow... Crypto-Loot has been a heck of a project thus far. This is the first long report we've done, so we will be covering the start to the current phase of Crypto-Loot. We will be talking about the Crypto-Loot v2.0 Update launched today (May 26th, 2018). We will also talk about the struggles we first had when starting, including one vulnerability that lost us nearly 38 XMR (which was worth approximately $15,390 USD). However, our number one priority is to talk about and bring awareness to what our project actually is. Is it malware? No. But then, why were we rated the third top most-wanted malware of December, 2018? It's time to clear things up, and show the other side of the spectrum. Our version of the story:

What, and why?
We began this project to provide an alternate source of revenue to content creators, web masters, and developers. Our team consists of all of these titles, and we know how content creators are being shafted in every direction by huge corporations such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and even affiliate or advertising networks. Our mission was to provide an alternate income to forced POP-UP advertisements. The.. really annoying ones. You know? The idea is that we are able to provide a service that benefits both the users and the webmasters/companies. Instead of having a bunch of forced popups shoved in front of your face, webmasters with low-profit websites can alternatively, use Crypto-Loot. I don't know about you, but when I visit a website that throws popups in front of my face, I close it and never return. This destroys webmasters overall traffic stats by driving bounce rates through the sky.

The Beginning
When we first heard of the idea of web mining, our imaginations exploded with excitement. "This could be the way of the future", we thought.. and it may just be. Anything from websites to video games or free mobile apps. So, we put 120% of our effort into becoming the best in the industry. 16 hour days with no end in sight, it was painful, yet exciting.
Within our first week of launching, we were on multiple news networks. We were hit so hard by high-traffic websites and DDoS attacks that we had to scale our code, infrastructure and team rapidly.
Two weeks in, we were starting to run fairly smooth, with a few hiccups here and there. We thought, maybe we could take a breath!

WRONG! Our hosting provider at the time, DigitalOcean decided to shut down 22/25 of our servers without any prior notification or warning. They didn't have a phone number to call, and took hours to respond to a high-severity ticket. In the mean time we went around getting green-lit by a few other hosting companies who would gladly take our business. By the time they responded, we had already migrated nearly 70% of our infrastructure. They simply told us "we cannot support your current use case" without any real explanation.

After the DigitalOcean problem, we were finally running smooth. We had time to focus on new features such as the API, graphing, and ways to get around anti-virus companies and adblockers. Later on, in December we had our first "hack"... Well, it wasn't really a hack. It was a vulnerability that we had overlooked in-which allowed the attacker to submit invalid shares and still get paid for said shares, losing us around 38 Monero. At this time, we had disabled autoamtic payments, fixed the issue, and spent weeks re-auditing all of our code to ensure there were no more major vulnerabilities.

The continued fight against the NetSec industry
As previously mentioned, upon launching we were all over the news. But - it wasn't really good news. Major netsec blogs called us thieves, cryptojackers, and even labeling our software as MALWARE!? I wish I could say these guys don't know what they're doing, but they clearly do. They're using scarcity tactics to boost clickthrough, and sell you their partners antivirus products. "Cryptojacking" just sounds scary, doesn't it? That's what we call clickbait, fellas. I mean, c'mon, seriously... Even if our software is abused by some of our users, by not informing their userbase that they're using their computers to help mine Monero, really? Using 10 cents per month of extra electricity is the new malware? A piece of software that stops running when you close the website? Malware? You know you're comparing us to software that private information such as banking details, pictures, and used to take down large websites/networks? That's cute.

The netsec industry has waged a war against this sort of technology, and they're doing quite well. People are scared of change, and most don't understand what it is we do. This is why we're going to be a lot more vocal from now on. You're going to hear both sides of the story, and it's your decision to chose what you believe.

Not only are we going to be more vocal, but we are ramping up our fight against antivirus companies by ensuring our scripts and domains are undetected by antivirus companies and adblockers. Firstly, we're not malware. Secondly, we're not an advertising network. We're an alternative to ads. We do not believe we should be blocked by AdBlockers or Antivirus. By a crypto-mining addon? Sure, that makes sense. That's the purpose of that software. Labeling Crypto-Loot as malware is simply ridiculous, even by clickbaity mainstream netsec blogs.

Crypto-Loot v2.0? What's that!?
We've been working on Crypto-Loot for nearly six months now, and it's been one heck of a time (both fun and stressful). Over the past couple months we've been working on one major update, Crypto-Loot v2.0

What does Crypto-Loot v2.0 have in store for us?
-Faster hashing script (updated today!)
-Completely new script with no external WASM (Google & Antivirus companies disliked external WASM files)
-Automatic Re-obfuscation to help avoid Antivirus and Adblocker detection
-SelfHosted v2.0 • Automatically update your selfhosted version of Crypto-Loot
-Automatic domain swapouts for the script(s), to also avoid antivirus and adblocker detection.
-Re-enabled automatic payouts (with advanced flagging). Payments are now made 12 times per day.
-Referral program. We were asked to create a referral program one too many times, so we finally took your advice and got it done.
-Support for integrated addresses (payments to exchanges via Payment IDs)
-More support to keep up with support tickets, emails, and social media
-Dashboard UI addons and bug fixes
-Simple code generator
-New website & logo
-Continued campaigns to voice our side of the fight against the NetSec industry

What's coming in Crypto-Loot v2.1-2.3?
-More API features
-Captcha system
-Faster hashrate tracking & balance compounding
-Add your own domain or subdomain for free script & websocket hosting
-Support in other languages

To Wrap things Up
That pretty much sums up everything for now. You're going to see us a lot more active on social media, and our support team is growing and being trained to support everyones functional, informational, and language based needs.

Crypto-Loot Support

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

G.K. Chesterton

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